Malibu - A tent for three

  • Malibu - A tent for three

    Director: Luise Brinkmann

    Actors: Karla Nina Diedrich, Tom Radisch, Lewe Wagner, Nicola Mastroberardino

    Year: September 25, 2022

    Genre: Family

    Duration: 01h 30min


Jantje (Karla Nina Diedrich) and Stefan (Tom Radisch) have inherited the “Malibu” campsite, which they now want to continue to operate and bring back into shape. While the whole thing was like a godsend for Jantje, Stefan can't get used to life on the campsite. The solution? A long distance relationship! While Jantje runs the store from now on, Stefan continues to live in the city in order to have a stable income as an employee. Little Hannes (Lewe Wagner) misses his father a lot during the week and enjoys the weekends with him even more. Meanwhile, Jantje is sure that the campsite is future-oriented for her. No matter how quirky or grumpy the long-term campers are, it is clear to them that this place is their destiny. She plans to make the area sustainable in harmony with nature. The whole undertaking would only be easier if Stefan were permanently at her side...