Stubbe - Delivered

  • Stubbe - Delivered

    Director: Bernd Böhlich

    Actors: Stephanie Stumph, Wolfgang Stumph, Heike Trinker, Greta Kasalo

    Year: December 28, 2022

    Genre: Crime

    Duration: 01h 30min


The journalist Christiane Stubbe (Stephanie Stumph) researches the bicycle couriers industry in order to get to the bottom of the exploitative working conditions in the food delivery services. To do this, she has a conversation with the courier Sonja (Ella Morgen) - but the next day she is dead. Christiane doesn't hesitate and signs up as a bicycle courier at "Saxonia Food", the same employer Sonja also worked for. Stubbe (Wolfgang Stumph) is now a retired inspector and, together with his granddaughter Caro (Greta Kasalo), investigates cases of stolen bicycles.