Stream fast-paced and brutal action on Amazon Prime Video and (!) Netflix - with stars from "Avatar 2" and from Marvel!

  • Published: 2023/05/05 11:00

    Author: Michael Gasch


"John Wick 4" currently combines everything that hard and adrenaline-charged action cinema stands for with a powerful exchange of fire, fast car rides and lots of blood. "Triple 9", a cop thriller from 2016, can easily keep up in this regard. The film is currently available for subscription on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Life in Atlanta couldn't be more shocking. Either criminal gangs or the Russian mafia led by Irina Vlaslov (Kate Winslet) make life difficult for the people. Not to forget the corrupt cops who are in league with the crime syndicate. Among them is Michael (Chiwetel Ejiofor), who one day gets into trouble with the mafia boss. In order to save himself but also his family and partner, he decides to do the powerful woman a favor and pull off a delicate bank robbery. The corrupt gang's plan involves a triple 9 - the murder of a police officer in order to distract all available forces from the robbery. Meanwhile, young and inexperienced cop Chris (Casey Affleck) works to stop the criminals and prevent the robbery. He is supported by his uncle Jeffrey (Woody Harrelson), who pursues his own agenda. "Triple 9" has a gigantic array of stars to offer. The illustrious cast, which brings together the stars from some of the biggest film franchises of the moment, is its greatest strength: Kate Winslet (Avatar - The Way of Water), Marvel stars Anthony Mackie (The First Avenger: Civil War) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange) and Wonder Woman Gal Gadot as the sister of the mafia boss are more than just a promise. Because of course a star squad alone is no guarantee of quality (see most recently "Red Notice"), but here the cast is convincing across the board, also because their characters are not neglected - on the contrary. Even a marginal character, Woody Harrelson, is in top form, with Casey Affleck stealing the show, especially towards the end. The cop thriller clearly benefits from the fact that the robbery only forms the story framework. Themes like loyalty and abuse of power, but also the weariness of some characters to live in such an unscrupulous world, always come to the surface and create a well-rounded atmosphere. "Triple 9" is anything but a typical noise-boom-bang cinema, which is particularly evident towards the end. Only then does a new tension arise, which largely suppresses the action. The question that arises as to whether the good cops can put the pieces of the puzzle together to catch the bad guys in their own ranks rounds off the film perfectly. In terms of staging, the action scenes can be seen and heard, which with the violent sound design are sometimes reminiscent of the classic action thriller "Heat". With the rapid car rides, what feels like hundreds of firearms and massive exchanges of fire, as well as the very different types of police officers, “Triple 9” is a first-class cop thriller. *The link to the Amazon offer is a so-called affiliate link. If you make a purchase through this link, we will receive a commission.