Another new voice for Sylvester Stallone – that's why he reminds you of Schwarzenegger in "Guardians Of The Galaxy 3".

  • Published: 2023/05/04 16:00

    Author: Björn Becher


Thomas Danneberg has been dubbing Sylvester Stallone in Germany since the early 1980s - including in classics such as "Rambo", "Cop Land" or in the "The Expendables" series. But Danneberg said goodbye to his well-deserved retirement a few years ago. He was last seen as Stallone in 2018's Escape Plan 2. “Das Boot” and “Beverly Hills Cop II” star Jürgen Prochnow emerged as the successor. The actor voiced Stallone early in his career, most notably in the classics "Rocky" and "Rocky 2." So it made sense to use him in Creed II - Rocky's Legacy. After that he also voiced Stallone in "Escape Plan 3", "Rambo: Last Blood", "Samaritan" and the current series "Tulsa King" - but now not in "Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3". When Sylvester Stallone is back in Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 as Ravager leader Stakar Ogord after Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (then Danneberg), he will be dubbed by Bernd Egger for the first time in his career. We asked Disney why there was a new cast and Prochnow was not heard again. Unfortunately, no information could be given to us, so we can only speculate. It's of course possible that Prochnow wasn't available or the role was too small to afford him. A creative background is also conceivable. At least Egger sounds more like Danneberg than Prochnow. Danneberg interpreted Stallone in his own way, which has become familiar to a large German audience over the years. Prochnow, on the other hand, resembles the superstar's original voice much more closely. With the choice of Egger one could have made sure that the break to "Guardians 2" is not too big. Interesting in this context: Arnold Schwarzenegger was also voiced by Thomas Danneberg, so that a new cast was also necessary for him. Since Schwarzenegger wasn't seen much recently, it was hardly noticed. But in his few roles in Killing Gunther, Iron Mask, a guest appearance in Young Rock, and most notably Terminator: Dark Fate, he was voiced by Bernd Egger. Incidentally, Björn Schalla was the dubbing director of "Terminator: Dark Fate", which was the first of the titles just mentioned to be localized for the German market. It's possible that he was closely involved in the decision to cast Schwarzenegger's almost-namesake Egger as Thomas Danneberg's successor (having previously voiced the T-800 in the Mortal Kombat 11 video game). Interesting in this context: Schalla was now also the dialogue director for "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3". This reinforces our theory that he thinks Egger is a suitable successor to Danneberg - not only on Schwarzenegger, but also on Stallone. Incidentally, this successor is not entirely controversial among fans. Egger, born in 1984, is too young for some for Schwarzenegger, who is almost twice as old, and now Stallone. Others, on the other hand, think that he manages very well to sound older (because he already does) and is a perfect successor to Danneberg on Schwarzenegger. You can find out which side you are on in his Stallone debut with "Guardians Of The Galaxy 3" currently in cinemas.