The new hit from the "Toy Story" makers? In the German trailer for Pixar's "Elemental" it crackles between fire and water

  • Published: 2023/05/04 15:30

    Author: Stefan Geisler


The animation studio Pixar is known for creating fantastic worlds again and again. In "Toy Story" we get an insight into the secret life of toys, in "Coco - livelier than life!" we travel to the realm of the dead and in "Everything is upside down" we were able to gain an insight into everyday life and work get the emotions In their latest animation adventure "Elemental", the animation film smithy takes us to the city of elementals, where fire, water, air and earth somehow have to get along with each other. Even the first teaser trailer, in which we took a train through the elementary mega-city, whetted our appetite for the fantastic world and its cuddly inhabitants. Now a German version of the latest trailer has also been released, which lets us delve deeper into the colorful city of elementals and also introduces us to the two main characters of the film, Ember and Wade. We have included the English original version of the latest preview for you below: The 27th Pixar animated film "Elemental" focuses on the unlikely love story between fire elemental Ember (original voice: Leah Lewis) and water creature Wade (Mamoudou Athie). In the new trailer we get a first glimpse of the difficulties the unlikely couple has to face. Two lovers from opposite families? That almost sounds like the Pixar version of Shakespeare's classic "Romeo & Juliet". We will know from June 22, 2023 whether the two can find each other despite all the elementary opposites, because then the new Pixar animated film will also start in cinemas in Germany. We've already had the opportunity to interview "Elemental" director Peter Sohn. We spoke to the director about the inspiration for the film and the technical challenges during the creation process, among other things. You can read the entire interview here: