Unbelievable, but true: The bloodiest film of the year is now available completely unabridged for home cinema

  • Published: 2023/05/04 12:30

    Author: Daniel Fabian


The surprise was great when "Project Wolf Hunting" got the blessing from the FSK on the third attempt to be able to start in German cinemas in its entirety with an 18 rating. The home cinema exploitation was less fortunate, but distributor Capelight Pictures pulled out all the stops to get the film “100% uncensored and uncut” into local home cinemas. With success. "Project Wolf Hunting" will finally be released on May 5, 2023 completely unabridged on DVD* and as a limited Blu-ray edition in the media book. The latter contains the film exclusively in HD and also on DVD and also comes with a 24-page booklet: Of course, you can also get both editions directly in the Capelight* shop, where you can collect additional loyalty points with every purchase. Those who prefer to stream can also look forward to the uncut version already available on Amazon Prime Video*. You can both buy and rent the film here. Good to know: You don't have to worry about accidentally getting your hands on a defused version. In contrast to many other hard-hitting films, "Project Wolf Hunting" is only available uncut in Germany. Writer-director Hong-seon Kim ("The Chase") tells the story of a prisoner being extradited from the Philippines to South Korea in his rampant horror-action banger. Some of the country's most brutal criminals are shipped home by sea on the cargo ship Frontier Wolf, with a good two dozen police officers on board to ensure a safe delivery. But these are by no means prepared for what awaits them on the high seas. Moles have mingled with the law enforcement officers, who, armed to the teeth, are doing everything in their power to thwart the extradition of the criminals. Soon the bloodshed will take its course - and only then will the horror begin... "Immeasurable bloodbath", "Blood overkill", "Blood rush" and "The artificial blood flows in torrents" - all these are quotes from the FILMSTARTS review, with which editor-in-chief Christoph Petersen tries to do justice to the escalating orgy of violence with which " Project Wolf Hunting” almost rolled over his audience. And yet you simply have to see the Korean genre hit to be able to believe how much blood can actually shoot out of a human body - even if Hong-seon Kim doesn't take the realism that seriously here. So one thing should be clear: if you can't see blood, you've come to the wrong place. On the other hand, if you discovered your love for South Korean genre cinema with "Parasite", "Squid Game" and Co. at the latest, you can look forward to a particularly abysmal over-the-top shocker that is competently staged and lasts two hours entertained in the bloodthirsty way - and also shakes one or the other surprise out of the sleeve, which we don't want to anticipate at this point... *These links are so-called affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links or subscribe, we will receive a commission. This has no effect on the price.