These are the best new "Star Wars" movies on Disney+: Highlights from Season 2 "Star Wars: Visions"

  • Published: 2023/05/04 12:00

    Author: Björn Becher


After only Japanese anime studios approached the world of “Star Wars” in their own unique way in the first season of “Star Wars: Visions”, Lucasfilm has now expanded the field for a follow-up season. The nine new short films come from all over the world - and that ensures a wonderful variety. Very, very different styles come to the fore here - all of them use the genre of the animated film for true visual power. There has never been such an excessive form in "Star Wars". I like all of the nine short films in Star Wars: Visions Season 2 in their own way, but for those who aren't sure where to start, here are three favorites. From Spanish animation studio El Guiri comes Sith, an episode that perfectly underscores what focusing on an artistic approach can achieve in short film. An artist in solitude finds fulfillment, yet darkness keeps dripping into her colorful paintings. What could be the reason for this is already clear from the title, but it really becomes clear when their old master shows up on the planet. In the ensuing battle, lightsaber duel and painting blur into an awe-inspiring visual frenzy. The most well-known studio that contributed a short film for the second season of "Star Wars: Visions" is that of the kneading stop-motion artists of Aardman, who have already given us "Shaun the Sheep" or "Wallace & Gromit". brought. Your contribution not only stands out because of the well-known style, but also because "I am your mother" is a humorous loosening up among many quite dark stories. The Polish director Magdalena Osinska succeeds in creating a certainly not innovative, but very entertaining and touching story about a daughter who has to realize that her mother is not so embarrassed after all. This is presented as part of a fast-paced and visually playful and surprisingly staged race, in which even - absolute exception for the series with non-canon stories - a "Star Wars" canon character is involved. A completely different story is offered by "Der Rachetanz", where real stories about the organized resistance against the Nazis in France, also from nightclubs where the occupiers party, are simply transferred to the world of "Star Wars" and the rebellion against the empire. Here, too, the visual idea of ​​director Julien Chheng, whose feature film “Ernest & Célestine: The Journey to the Land of Music” will soon be in cinemas, is first class. He impressively stages the main character, who is whirling through the air and characterizes the original English title "The Spy Dancer". He creates the short film of this season, which best combines visual power with a touching, exciting and action-packed story - and ends on a note in terms of content, after which I immediately wished for a sequel. Overall, I enjoyed Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions, and other titles like the touching rag-doll, stop-motion gem Aau's Song deserved a place in my top three season highlights. But the three titles now chosen are not only my personal favorites in the end, they also give a wonderful impression of how different the short films can be tonally and, above all, visually. Like the first season, the second season of "Star Wars: Visions" is not for people who watch "Star Wars" because they want to experience a large, coherent plot. But it is something for everyone who wants to be enchanted by the magic of this rich and diverse world and who likes a playful visual feast for the eyes. *This Disney+ link is an affiliate link. By subscribing via this link you are supporting FILMSTARTS. This has no effect on the price.