After the "Space Jam 2" debacle: New film planned with cult character Bugs Bunny

  • Published: 2023/05/04 09:53

    Author: Stefan Geisler


Space Jam 2: A New Legacy might not have been the most glorious return to the big screen for Warner Brothers icon Bugs Bunny. Released at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the film felt much like a promotional event for Warner's streaming service HBO Max, which mercilessly fell flat with critics (it also only got a weak 2 stars out of 5 from FILMSTARTS) . Especially in view of the announcement at the time that all Warner films that were to be released in cinemas in 2021 would also be available on the in-house streaming service parallel to the theatrical release, this film got an unpleasant aftertaste. Who needs cinema culture when you can watch the Looney Tunes from the comfort of your own sofa at home? But now Bugs Bunny should get his own movie again. Writer-director Robert Rugan ("The Curse Of Bridge Hollow") has reportedly been hired by Warner Bros. to write a screenplay for a new Bugs Bunny movie. As with the Looney Tunes icon's previous screen excursions, this time it will once again be a hybrid film consisting of live action and animation. There is currently no further information regarding the plot or the cast list. In addition, it is not yet known whether the new Bugs Bunny film will be released in cinemas or whether it will be produced as exclusive content for HBO Max. As a Looney Tunes fan, the author of these lines naturally hopes that Bugs and his Toon colleagues will be able to make the cinema halls unsafe again. Should the as yet unnamed Bugs Bunny film make it to theaters, it would mark the fourth outing to star Bugs Bunny, following Space Jam, Space Jam 2: A New Legacy and the often unfairly overlooked Looney Tunes: Back In Action from Gremlins director Joe Dante, which stars Academy Award winner Brendan Fraser ("The Whale") alongside Bugs & Co.