New on Disney+: "Star Wars" supplies! You can stream two (!) new series and a short film starting today

  • Published: 2023/05/04 09:10

    Author: Stefan Geisler


Star Wars Day is celebrated on May 4th every year. Why? Because the English pronunciation of the date (May, the 4th) bears a phonetic similarity to the famous Star Wars quote "May The Force Be With You". Of course, the "Star Wars" studio Disney isn't splashing out on this day either and is celebrating "Star Wars" day with two new series and a new "Star Wars" short film, which you can stream from today Disney+ can access. In addition to Star Wars: The Adventures of the Young Jedi, starting today you can also find Star Wars: Visions Season 2 and the Star Wars/The Simpsons crossover short Maggie Simpson in 'Rogue Not Quite One '” in the streaming service's library. Budding preschool Jedi novices should enjoy the animated children's series Star Wars: Adventures of the Young Jedi, which includes: Yoda will teach the youngsters Lys Solay (voice: Juliet Donenfeld), Kai Brightstar (Jamaal Avery Jr.), and the koala-like Nubs (Dee Bradley Baker) how to use the Force as they train at a Jedi temple on Tenoo . The colorful series will not only offer entertaining adventures for budding franchise fans, but will also always convey an instructive message. Topics such as helpfulness, self-confidence and team spirit are just as much a part of the series as the typical "Star Wars" elements. Our editor Annemarie Havran was able to preview the first two episodes of "Star Wars: The Adventures of the Young Jedi" at the Star Wars Celebration 2023. You can read what she thinks of the series so far here: Somewhat older fans, on the other hand, should look forward to the second season "Star Wars: Visions". The anthology project allows various animation studios to put their own stamp on the "Star Wars" brand. While it was Japanese anime studios in season 1, the latest iteration of the creative animation project is much broader and has worked with animation studios from all over the world - including the legendary British Aardman animation studio, which is known for its wonderful clay animation projects such as "Wallace & Gromit" and "Shaun the Sheep" is known. Studios from almost every continent are represented in Season 2 of “Star Wars: Visions”, which comprises nine short films. In addition to Aardman, there are other contributions from Europe: Studio La Cachette (“Primal”) from France and the artists from El Guiri Studios from Spain. In addition, the creative heads from Cartoon Saloon from Ireland, who received enthusiastic reviews with their films "The Secret of Kells" and "The Melody of the Seas", designed an episode. In addition to the Japanese animation studio D'Art Shtajio ("Pokémon - The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle"), the Asian studios are also represented by a short film by 88 Pictures from India and the contribution by the Korean production company Studio Mit, which u. a. also responsible for the Netflix animated film The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf. Meanwhile, the episode from Chilean studio PunkRobot comes from South America, while a short film from Lucasfilm itself also comes from North America. Meanwhile, a contribution from South Africa comes from the animation studio Triggerfish. have made a name for themselves with animal animation films such as "Khumba - The Zebra without Stripes on the Bottom" or "Zambezia". If you want to celebrate the "Star Wars" tag with an unusual crossover, "Maggie Simpson in 'Rogue Not Quite One'" will help. In this "The Simpsons" short film, the youngest offspring of the yellow Chaos family embarks on an adventure into the distant "Star Wars" galaxy and meets one or the other well-known character. And that's what the crossover is about: After Homer accidentally puts Maggie in Grogu's hovering stroller, the little Simpsons lady goes straight into hyperspace, where she not only has to deal with a squadron of Imperial TIE fighters, but the brings intergalactic trouble to Springfield as well. *These Disney+ links are affiliate links. By subscribing via these links, you are supporting FILMSTARTS. This has no effect on the price.