Trailer for the psychological horror "Leave": In search of her parents, this woman ends up with a Satanist sect

  • Published: 2023/05/03 21:00

    Author: Oliver Kube


Following her final breakthrough with the ARD series "Charité", which was popular worldwide via Netflix, Alicia von Rittberg took on leading roles in several major German cinema productions - including Bully Herbig's "Ballon" and the romantic comedy "Hello Again". In addition, the Munich native is increasingly working internationally, such as in the American-French Marcel Marceau biopic "Resistance", the US series "Genius" or the British historical mini-series "Becoming Elizabeth". Now you can experience von Rittberg in the Norwegian spooky horror "Leave". In October 2022, the film started in the cinemas of its country of production. We will release "Leave" on May 26, 2023 on Blu-ray and DVD. Both formats with FSK-16 approval can already be pre-ordered from online providers such as Amazon: Alex Herron, who previously directed music videos for acts as diverse as pop diva Kylie Minogue, R&B star Taio Cruzz, alternative rockers Alter Bridge and punk million-seller Green Day, directed “Leave”. The screenplay was penned by Thomas Moldestad ("Cold Prey"). In addition to the leading actress Alicia von Rittberg, there were u. a. also "Ragnarök" star Herman Tømmeraas, Ellen Dorrit Petersen from "The Innocents", Morten Holst ("Breeder - The Breeding") and Stig R. Amdam ("Lifjord - The Acquittal", "Occupied") in front of the camera. 2002 in the US state of Massachusetts: Patrolman Raylan White (Clarence Smith) finds a newborn girl apparently abandoned to his fate in an otherwise deserted cemetery. The baby is wrapped in a cloth with satanic symbols and wears a necklace with an inverted cross around his neck. The cop takes care of the little one, gives her the name Hunter and from then on raises her as his daughter. 20 years later: Under the pretext of looking at a college in another city where she would like to study, the now adult Hunter (Alicia von Rittberg) actually flies to Norway. In the search for her biological parents, she had a DNA test done, which says that she must originally come from the area around the city of Bergen. Upon arriving, Hunter tracks down former heavy metal singer Cecilia (Ellen Dorrit Petersen), whom she believes to be her mother. It's not her, but Cecilia finally tells the young woman the whole truth about her origins. This eventually leads them to a small island off the coast, where their grandfather Torstein (Stig R. Amdam) and her cousin Stian (Herman Tømmeraas) lead a secluded life in some kind of mysterious sect... If you don't want to miss "Leave" and other important reboots of all genres - whether on the big screen, in streaming or for home cinema - then simply subscribe to our free newsletter, which is published every Thursday. *The link to the Amazon offer is a so-called affiliate link. If you make a purchase through this link, we will receive a commission.