After "Guardians Of The Galaxy 3": Is that it with the Guardians? The ending and credits scenes explained

  • Published: 2023/05/03 18:45

    Author: Markus Trutt


With "Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3", director and author James Gunn has now completed the "Guardians" trilogy for which he is responsible. In the future, as head of DC Studios, he will be fully committed to the Marvel competition. But the third screen adventure of the outsider troupe around Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) is not only the final MCU film for Gunn, but also seems like a big farewell for the main characters themselves. In fact, James Gunn has repeatedly emphasized in advance that "Guardians Of The Galaxy 3" will be the last film in which we will see the Guardians in their usual form. And if you now look at the end including the credits scenes, that actually seems to be the case. Warning, of course there will be spoilers for the end of "Volume 3"! What was wildly speculated in advance, which of the Guardians will bless the time in the trilogy finale! After the film, however, we now know that James Gunn once again skilfully played with expectations and ultimately nobody from the troupe dies. And yet, in several places, touching farewells are said to the previous Guardians: Leader Star-Lord gives up his Guardian career and finally returns to Earth to his grandfather (Gregg Henry). His half-sister Mantis embarks on a journey of self-discovery with three tamed abilisks. And alternate Gamora (Zoe Saldana) reunites with the Ravagers (although like her late predecessor, she's warmed to the Guardians). Still, the doors are left wide open for another sequel, not only because all the central characters are still alive (albeit now partially separated), but also because in the mid-credit scene we are already introduced to the new team composition . Whether it stays with this teaser, whether it actually develops into a "Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 4" (by a new director) one day or whether we will see the changed troupe again in another MCU project, the future will show. The common journey of the previous Guardians has ended and yet some of them, together with a few newcomers, continue to ensure law and order in the universe, as the first end credits scene suggests. Not only is a musical arc stretched to Star-Lord's debut in the very first "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and it is shown that he is still part of the group in a certain respect through the music he loves so much, even after his departure. The new team is also presented here, which is made up as follows: The fact that Drax (Dave Bautista) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) are not in this round is probably due to the fact that they are now primarily concerned with the Guardians headquarters Knowhere, with Drax years after the tragic loss of his daughter now probably above all one new father role to all the rescued children. In the second end credits scene, we then experience how Star-Lord leads a very calm, normal life on earth. And yet, at the very end, we are given a full-bodied promise via fade-in, which is a bit surprising after this end: "The legendary Star-Lord will return." So it seems certain that even after the apparent conclusion of his story, Peter Quill will one day appear again in the MCU. However, that doesn't necessarily have to be in a new film about the Guardians, which he has now turned his back on. The fact that he is now back on Earth suggests that Peter could make a comeback in an upcoming Marvel adventure that does not take place in outer space (although a reunion with the Guardians cannot be ruled out in the long term, of course can). However, it is still in the stars whether Chris Pratt will really slip back into the role he has so strongly influenced. Because just because Star-Lord returns, it doesn't necessarily apply to his actor. In an interview with FILMSTARTS, Pratt also revealed that he could well imagine that the character could be played by another actor in the future. Something similar was recently heard from Zoe Saldana, who even said quite explicitly that "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3" was her last Marvel film, but that she would still like to see Gamora - played by someone else - again. That's exactly what we could expect in the case of Drax as well, since Dave Bautista, not always satisfied with his Marvel work, hinted a while ago that this is also the last time he has played his role. So if these characters return, it's not unlikely, especially in the case of Gamora and Drax, that they'll be recast. How their fans would take that is another matter. But it should be certain that we haven't seen the Guardians and/or individual (ex-)members for the last time despite the (provisional) conclusion in "Guardians Of The Galaxy 3", even if they are now partly involved in different projects and some of them could possibly look different at their next performance because of other performers.