Strike in Hollywood: Even the dirtiest Netflix series is affected

  • Published: 2023/05/03 18:30

    Author: Björn Becher


A screenwriter strike is raging in Hollywood. We have worked up more details for you in a separate article on the background to the strike. Little by little, however, the projects that are affected are becoming known - mainly because many screenwriters are communicating on social media that they have stopped work, are on strike and are now in front of the headquarters of Netflix, Disney and Co. for their protest rights. Among the projects affected is "Big Mouth". The "dirtiest Netflix series" is about to enter its seventh season. After that, a final eighth season is to follow. According to the streaming service, the series is one of Netflix's biggest hits, with over a billion hours watched, but the story of nasty hormone monsters that manipulate young people is slowly being told. Therefore, there should be a well-rounded, well thought-out and conciliatory conclusion for 2024. But this is where the Hollywood strike comes in. Because the scripts for the final season should actually be created at the moment. According to industry magazine Variety, the team behind the series has been in the middle of working on the final season for six weeks. The plan was to finish the scripts for Season 8 by August. But with the beginning of the strike, this work was stopped. It is still unclear how long the strike will last. So far, it doesn't look as if the conflict over better and fairer pay for screenwriters will be resolved very quickly. The consequences of this for each individual series cannot be foreseen at the moment. Of course, it can happen that schedules simply shift. Netflix may then give the writers behind “Big Mouth” until September, October or November to write the scripts in the event of a strike lasting several weeks. However, since animation projects in particular have a certain lead time and Netflix certainly does not want to let too long a time elapse between the seventh and eighth seasons, another scenario is more likely in the event of a longer strike: The break may affect the number of episodes fans in the final will get season. That would be an easy way to keep to the original schedule as much as possible despite the delay. You just have fewer episodes written and then produced afterwards, which is less than the ten episodes that a season of Big Mouth normally has. Whether this will happen is still unknown. Currently, some projects such as the series "Yellowjackets" or comedy success "Abbott Elementary" are already known, in which a break had to be taken in the middle of the writing process. But it's still too early to say what will come of it, because a lot also depends on how long the strike ultimately lasts. So while fans first have to be patient, whether the eighth season of "Big Mouth" is shorter than planned and are also waiting for the seventh season anyway, there will soon be more from the spin-off "Human Resources". For the second season of the spin-off, which describes itself as "even more mature and even more unusual" than "Big Mouth", the second season of the spin-off, which consists of ten episodes, has now been revealed with an announcement teaser not only the date, but also many guest stars involved : Human Resources Season 2 comes to Netflix on June 9, 2023. In addition to Florence Pugh and Miley Cyrus discussed in the teaser, Eugene Levy, Jason Mantzoukas and Isabella Rossellini will also be part of the party.