TV tip for everyone who finds "Saw" too hard: Nasty traps & mean twists - torture horror has never been so entertaining!

  • Published: 2023/05/05 09:30

    Author: Sidney Schering


Unsuspecting, sometimes more, sometimes less innocent people find themselves in complex traps. The chances of them getting out of this situation are vanishingly small. In order to seize these slim chances, they must make difficult moral decisions and risk their physical well-being or the lives of others. Sounds like the equally successful and nasty "Saw" series or one of its copycats, but in this case it's very refreshing: "Escape Room" is basically "Saw Light", meaning torture horror full of twists and shocking moments, but without the nasty splatter and with a far less nihilistic tone. ProSieben is showing “Escape Room” on May 5, 2023 – only from 8.15 p.m. in a cut version, then in the night to tomorrow uncut from 12.35 a.m. Perfect for anyone who wants to get their hands on this kind of torture film, as well as for all horror fans who like their cinematic nasties with a pinch of thieving pleasure. And if you want to see "Escape Room" without annoying commercial breaks: The equally mean and entertaining mix of action horror and mystery thriller can currently be found on Netflix. The shy but smart Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell McKenzie) is sent a mysterious cube during her semester break, which, after some tinkering, elicits an invitation to an escape room competition. She accepts the invitation, believing that her well-meaning professor is behind it. But when she arrives at the meeting point, she instead encounters escape room enthusiast Danny Khan (Nik Dodani), traumatized army veteran Amanda Harper (Deborah Ann Woll), grumpy supermarket clerk Ben Miller (Logan Miller), truck driver Mike Nolan (Tyler Labine) and impatient stock speculator Jason Walker (Jay Ellis). They all hope for a prize of $10,000 from the competition - and soon they are fighting for their lives. Because they unknowingly find themselves in the most elaborate, most dangerous escape room in history... Gone are rancid bathrooms, filthy basements and moldy factory buildings where chained and/or gagged victims are either tortured with heavy equipment or forced to inflict pain on themselves. Bring on the ambitious dream of an escape room, which consists of several thematically varied, exuberant stations: Where "Saw" and Co. rely on the feeling of catching tetanus just by looking at it, "Escape Room" aims for smarter meanness. Director Adam Robitel and his set design crew have let off steam and offer puzzle playgrounds that invite you to marvel - including an upside-down billiard bar in retro chic! You would want to take part in this escape room competition, especially since the actual puzzles (not exactly typical of the genre!) are creative, challenging and yet fair. If it weren't for the inexorably ticking clock, which in "Escape Room" doesn't mean that, in the worst case, a member of the event crew would walk in tired and point towards the exit with a shrug of the shoulders. Failure in "Escape Room" is punished with death, which is not as graphic as in "Saw", "Hostel" and Co., but still hurts thanks to the clever, sympathetic characters and resourcefully created traps. Despite the painful fates and the mean, shocking twists and turns in "Escape Room", this is ultimately not a disgusting terror or even a horror film that provokes nightmares, but a fast-paced, imaginative ride through a turbulent ghost train. Depending on your disposition, the production of "Fast & Furious" creator Neal H. Moritz works as a desire for more making entry into the FSK 16 horror world or as a wonderful thrill refreshment for genre fans who like to cheer along with a teasing grin, instead of always to insist on extremes.