New on Amazon Prime: A survival thriller with a fear of heights guarantee, which became a surprise hit thanks to Netflix (!).

  • Published: 2023/05/05 07:00

    Author: Björn Becher


Amazon Prime Video has a subscription to "Fall - Fear Reaches New Heights" in Germany from May 5, 2023, after Scott Mann's survival thriller ("Final Score") was released in Germany at the end of December 2022 as VoD as well as on DVD and Blu -ray has already been released regularly for home cinema. Produced for just five million dollars, the thriller already grossed around four times its budget in its small theatrical releases in North America and a few other countries. “Fall” then ended up on Netflix in several regions. It was there that it really became a surprise hit and put you directly at the top of the charts in the respective national Netflix top 10. Those responsible took this as an opportunity to announce plans for a sequel directly with the Netflix success behind them. Before the wait for Fall 2 begins, stream Fall - Fear Reaches New Heights! We recommend this to fans of high voltage – but be careful if you are afraid of heights! Becky (Grace Caroline Currey – most recently in cinemas with “Shazam! 2”) has been severely traumatized by a tragic event on a climbing trip. Her fun-loving friend Shiloh (Virginia Gardner) wants to change that. Becky is supposed to accompany her on a tour of a gigantic TV transmission tower in the middle of the Mojave Desert. But when they have climbed one of the tallest structures in the USA, the rusty ladder beneath them breaks off. The two women are stuck on a small plateau at an altitude of 600 meters - no cell phone reception, little water and nobody suspects that they are up there... In our 3.5-star review, we attest "Fall - Fear Reaches New Heights" to really get the most out of its "simple premise". We also write: "The excitingly condensed survival thriller definitely ensures a high pulse and sweaty hands despite small blemishes." But there is a small warning for everyone with a fear of heights. As the author of these lines can report from his own experience, the many moments at dizzy heights are actually quite something - which is also a testament to how well Mann staged the corresponding scenes. *The link to the Amazon offer is a so-called affiliate link. If you make a purchase through this link, we will receive a commission.