Vet dr. Mertens

  • Vet dr. Mertens

    Creator: Scarlett Kleint

    Genre: Drama, Romance, Doctor

    Seasons: 8 seasons

    Episodes: 97 episodes


For Susanne Mertens (Elisabeth Lanz), it was clear from an early age that she would one day work as a veterinarian in a zoo. But family always came first for her, which is why she wanted to take a career break until her son Jonas (Ludwig Zimmeck) started school. Although she had made this agreement with her husband Klaus (Horst Günter Marx), she cannot resist the offer of a position as an assistant at Leipzig Zoo. Klaus is not very enthusiastic about her plan. When Susanne's father, zoo director Prof. Georg Baumgart (Gunter Schoß), retires, chaos begins. dr Vogel (Dieter Montag), who offered Susanne the position, does not get along with the new director's management style and hands in the resignation. Now Susanne is completely on her own.