Para - We are King

  • Para - We are King

    Creator: Hanno Hackfort

    Genre: drama

    Seasons: 2 seasons

    Episodes: 12 episodes


The four best friends Jazz (Jeanne Goursaud), Fanta (Jobel Mokonzui), Hajra (Soma Pysall) and Rasaq (Roxana Samadi) have been through a lot together growing up together in Berlin-Wedding. Racism, hate and the rules of the street determine everyday life that must be opposed. Your dreams are big, but the chance of realizing them is rather small. An accidental find comes in handy that could mean the end of a mediocre life. But the chance of making quick money puts their friendship to the test. The four friends have to make a decision: do they choose the possibility of a better life or do they follow common sense? Walking a fine line raises questions and doubts that confront jazz, fanta, hajra and rasaq with the difficulties of growing up for the first time.