Your Family Or Mine

  • Your Family Or Mine

    Creator: Greg Malins

    Genre: comedy

    Seasons: 1 seasons

    Episodes: 10 episodes


Oliver (Kyle Howard) and Kelli (Kat Foster) are getting married! But soon both have to realize that they have not only married their partner, but also his family. Because from now on it is necessary to deal with some part of the beloved relatives every week. This is less idyllic, but rather means pure stress for both of them, since they have very special characters in their families. Kelli's middle-class parents Gil (Ed Begley Jr.) and Jan (Cynthia Stevenson) are always snuggly and hyper-emotional, while Oliver's father Louis (Richard Dreyfuss) and mother Ricky (JoBeth Williams) are upper-middle class and conservative. When Kelli's sisters and Oliver's brothers are added, the family chaos is finally complete. US remake of the Israeli series "Sabri Maranan".