• ZeNetwork

    Creator: Christian Alvart

    Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Action

    Seasons: 1 seasons

    Episodes: 8 episodes


Once upon a time, David Hasselhoff (playing himself) was a superstar. But the good times have somehow faded. An offer from Germany is just right. He is to take on a role at a theater in East Berlin. In Germany of all places, where he was particularly popular, then in the east of the city, where he once gave a legendary concert on the wall. But the supposed scene theater, where he is supposed to appear together with Henry Hübchen (also plays himself), turns out to be a very tranquil little house, which is also far to the east of Berlin. But that's nothing compared to what's about to happen. Because suddenly the former "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider" legend seems to have slipped into the middle of a real conspiracy...