Time of secrets

  • Time of secrets

    Creator: -

    Genre: drama

    Seasons: 1 seasons

    Episodes: 3 episodes


Three-part mini-series about a very special Christmas in a family full of women from three generations (including Corinna Harfouch, Christiane Paul, Svenja Jung and Leonie Benesch). Emotionally and exhaustingly, the women confront family secrets that have been guarded for decades in order to finally be able to make peace with the conflicts that have been open for far too long. The fact that they are all terribly at odds with each other doesn't make things any easier. But it doesn't help: They have to pull themselves together, because experience shows that they can't do it without each other either. And what better time for a long overdue reconciliation than Christmas? But the hurdles are great and the mysteries deeper than they thought. Upcoming Netflix original from Germany.