Room 301

  • Room 301

    Creator: Kate Ashfield

    Genre: drama, thriller

    Seasons: 1 seasons

    Episodes: 6 episodes


For the Kurtti family, their holiday in their country house is the definition of peace and idyll. A place where there are no worries. However, her personal retreat is beset by a tragedy that means horror for every family: her two-year-old son is killed by a gunshot. The family quickly finds someone to blame for the horrible act: the 12-year-old boy next door, Elias (Viljami Lahti), is blamed for the terrible incident. Years later, memories of the horrible moment return. While vacationing in Greece, the family receives a mysterious message from a stranger who wants to meet them. When they arrive at the agreed place, they meet a stranger posing as Elias. Does he want revenge? Was he wrongly accused? Why is he looking for contact with the Kurttis again after years. The events of the long past summer return.