LOL: Last One Laughing

  • LOL: Last One Laughing

    Creator: -

    Genre: comedy, show

    Seasons: 4 seasons

    Episodes: 24 episodes


Several comedians are locked in a room together for six hours. There is basically only one rule here: If you laugh twice, you're kicked out - whereby even a small smile can be punished by moderator and referee Michael Bully Herbig, who follows the hustle and bustle on numerous screens with eagle eyes. The prominent candidates with all sorts of disguises and sometimes more, sometimes less prepared comedy interludes put in a lot of effort to make their fellow sufferers laugh. Meanwhile, one or the other surprise thrown in by Bully threatens to throw everyone off at once. The last person who manages not to laugh too much when the madness of jokes breaks out wins. At the end there is prize money of 50,000 euros for a good cause.